Thursday, June 3, 2010

R U Gay?

I. If by that u mean:

I am a faggot, a homo, a queer, or a queen/
pederast, or pedophile/
transsexual, troll, transvestite, or a troglodyte/
a misogynist, social outcast, defrocked priest/
gay caballero, gauche cowboy/
a pansy in pastels.

Then my answer is NO, I am not gay.

II. If by that u mean:

I prefer and enjoy the company of men,
discuss sports and arts, a cold beer, a cool cigar,
a warm brandy.
A companion who echoes my body,
a lover who knows my body.
A strong shoulder to rest my head on,
a friend, buddy, pal; comfortable
in our own masculinity.
A deep love as old as time,
powerful and intense.

Then my answer is YES, I am gay.

Copyright:2010/Tony Puma
‘Voices in my head, verses to be read’.

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