Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Woods Campground-Morning

The frictional sound of zippers
is like a morning bray, as flaps of
tents are opened to a new day.

I emerge from my nylon cocoon,
with pre-slumber memories of
stars and a crescent-moon.

The dew on the grass
bathes my bare feet,
in a cool, comforting grasp.

Hares scamper on silent paws.
Birds of the day zip through the air.
Crows belt-out morning caws.
A Woodpecker, keeps the beat,
as is his flair.

I can only marvel at these
natural blends,
that I only experience
on weekends.

I should be as a
human being,
to join in this
eternal spring

I am a stranger,
a visitor,
an auslander.

Enjoy, do not touch,
do not adhere,
and then leave as if
you were never here.


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