Thursday, March 31, 2011


They died in yore and prayed to God,
to take them Home to Him.

They had no hope of a cure,
just faith and a spirit with-in.
God answered their call and bid
His children Home once again.

With torment gone they gathered round,
and ’Rest in Peace’ they did sing.
No respite from pain did Man bring to them,
but faith in God: peace everlasting.

Yet now we dismiss that olde-time faith,
and die in bits and bytes.
And so we know now, from this mortal coil,
souls do not fly off as kites.

Death is wrapped in pastels, and lets us
die in stainless steel, clean as could be.
Are there still some left who do believe:
That God will summon thee?

Puma/MMXI ©

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