Thursday, March 31, 2011


You see, I have a painting on my wall,
in an elaborate frame.
Every other day,
I set the painting right.

It must be the building’s vibration
that move it off-center.

Now, I can remedy that,
(I think)
by taping the bottom
of the frame to the wall.

I thought about this the other day.
What if I remedied the ‘problem’?

Part of my waking routine
would be thrown off- kilter.

Maybe, I am condemned to perform
this silly function by the gods
for some grievous trespass.

Am I like Sisyphus,
condemned to push a boulder
up hill, eternally.

Camus thought Sisyphus
cheated the gods,
by being mortal.
That self esteem
is a work-related ethos.

Maybe I am also cheating the gods.
I enjoy the work.

Puma/MMXI ©

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