Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Ending

Two Sprites on stools in Happy place
They face each other, knees touching.
Drinks on bar, neglected for now,
Peaceful amidst chaos surround.

They are both animated and
Looking into each others’ eyes.
Smiling, and seemingly glad that
They are with each other tonight.

They both have that pretty-boy look,
Too pretty not to be Happy,
Boyish, almost Angelic scene;
Oh, to be that young and pretty.

Fortunate or fortuitous
That they found each other now.
In a life-style where loneliness
Dulls the Soul and questions Nature.

Their voices have a feminine lilt
Their gestures an Opra-esque tilt.
Yet voices and gestures seem
Natural to them and their setting.

Why do I find them so appealing?


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