Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love in the Age of Coleridge

You are the star I wish upon,
I embrace your cold-blue light.
Out of dark-matter, you came,
into my melancholy night.

Dawn ascends and jealous sun
sends you far-away,
I wander through
this hapless life,
and rue the hours
in the day.

Till I can see you once again,
to wish and to exclaim.
For you to be,
and share my love,
and want you to remain.

But you will leave, and my love will be:
Those cold-blue rays will fade, and I will be:

In solitude I search the night
to find you once again.
You are not there
(I know this to be true)
and I will bear the pain.

A crowd of fire-flies flicker
You are lost in that swarm,
and I have lost a love.

True to myself, I'll shun,
the narrow and the straight.
To seek My North Star
as guide to a happy fate.


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