Monday, June 25, 2012


Be gay at Pride;
I can only wish-well.
You have naught to hide,
as I must punch the work-bell.

A kindred soul ,in all things queer,
though physically absent,
spiritually near.

So toast to me,
I do implore.
As I cheer for thee
to the banner fore.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The ubiquitous Mr. Milby, like Figaro
in Rossini’s, Barber of Seville,
is called and pulled in many directions.
And like Figaro, leaves his patrons
shouting "BRAVO".

An impresario of Hudson Valley poetry,
whose own voice echoes through
these river canyons.

A mentor to budding poets/
a guide for veteran poets/
an exemplar of elocution.

A font of knowledge of those,
whose shoulders we stand upon.

A troubadour of Gothic lore/
a chronicler of Celtic Druids/
an All-Hallows-Eve herald.

A modern poet who reminds us
not to forget the past.

A quick smile/
a personal friend/
a professional colleague.

So, Mister Robert Milby,
we as one shout