Thursday, December 22, 2016

Memento id

We live in the now
and dissect a second.
Where memories kowtow
when life’s chores beckon.

But, memories dismembered
come back reborn.
Now, December
with each new morn.

Mementos abound
to smile and reflect.
Those who are around
and those we neglect.

So, here I’m seeing
my Christmas tree aglow.
As memories flood my being
of all the yesterdays, I know.



Ode to Humpeys

Nary a slice in town
on the Manor’s strip,
olde Humpys is put-down,
I’ll have to jump ship.

Voyage to another venue
where LGBTQ is rare,
just to see a menu,
like Humpys to compare.

Now, my pepperoni is bereft
and my mozzarella dry.
I miss that slice so heft
that I would devour on the fly.

Don’t ask; cupcakes
chocolate/vanilla/peanut butter,
my mouth slakes;
No More, I stutter.

My future is a blah
when Humpys went away,
I’ll probably get agida
at my next pizza soiree.

Ave atque vale.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Coragyps atratus

The Black Vultures descend
on this dead Pekin Duck
who quacked his last “Aflac”
several hours ago.

Violent and vociferous
they feast on this victual
with gusto, as hunger and
instinct animates their actions
of wings and talons and beaks,
carrying-on, with no table-manners
and with rooming-house -reach
onto this carrion.

Two dozen or so at this feast
as I stare in wonder of fellow
animals whose instinct is all
and hunger a shared trait.

They leave,
I leave.
Nothing is left.


Jake's Bar Mitzvah 11/26/16

As we all partake
on this day-of-days,
of boy-man Jake
on whom we all gaze.

The babe in the cradle
on the day of his Bris,
the boy with the Dreidel
memories not to miss.

On to 13, via Mercury’s wings
years pass by apace,
today we gather and sing
to Jacob, under God’s grace.

Fulfill the tradition
proclaimed in Hebrew,
of an ancient civilization
that survives anew.

This boy-man is your Mitzvah
blessed on this Sabbath,
by the sacred Torah
of kindness, not wrath.

So, Jacob Aaron Ferris
turns this page of life,
noted as the merriest
and faces days of happiness and strife.

To you, the best of everything,
our Bar Mitzvah Boy, from above
on high I sing;