Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I miss a man
I never met.

You see,
I did not know Tom senior.
I know his son Tommy.
I love Tommy.

So if Tommy is a
I would have liked Tom senior.

We would have played poker,
swooshed down a couple of Coors,
smoked a half-way decent cigar,
swapped stories about the
those bars that surrounded the
Brooklyn Navy Yard.

We would have enjoyed
each others’ company

So for those of you who loved him
and miss him terribly and
relive memories;
So I, miss him,
not for what was,
but for what could have been.

The Romans had a phrase
for most occasions,
these two fit here:

Resquiescat in pace
(Rest in Peace)

Ave atque vale.
(Hail and Farewell)