Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Do you like flavored Vodka drinks?
Getting out on the trails?
Are you at least post-twink?
And, please don’t tip the scales.

Making love at mid-night,
sleeping under-the-stars.
Not a “Duddly-Do-Right”,
not descended from Mars.

So, call Tony Puma,
no Cougar he.
Also, please no Drama,
if so, “C’est la vie”.

Oh, one more thing to say,
be a passionate guy.
Because Tony is gay,
poetic and “I-Ty”.


The Woods Campground/TP/MMXII

Monday, July 9, 2012


I feel your deft touch.
My mind tries to resist
the sensation, to no avail.
I submit.

Fingers, palm, hand,
move ever so lightly
over my half-slumbering

Synapse awaken my
drowsy body.

From the nape of my neck
to the crack of my ass,
you travel.
I raise my hips,
craving more.
(Am I dreaming?)

Gently I am turned
on my back.
As lips, tongue, teeth
replace your hand.

A warm-wet
touch of velvet
descends on my

As your mystical
fingers caress
my genitals,
and your finger
makes slippery

I am brought
to the edge
of the precipice:
or is it a
I descend?