Thursday, November 25, 2021




Scent of a roasted Turkey/

Is that a Yam or Sweet Potato?

 The tart taste of Cranberry/

No Ketchup or Mayo.

 Making a wish on a bone/

Debating white or dark meat?

 This day in a sub-tropic zone/

Giving thanks for this treat.

 Pumpkin pie for dessert/

A dollop of whipped cream.

 Riesling for your thirst/

No, this is not a dream.

 Macy’s parade down Broadway/

Detroit Lions on T.V.

 In silence you pray/

Thanking your deity.

 For all that you share/

Be it meager or plenty.

 For all that you care/

With your friends and family.

 Happy Thanksgiving.



Friday, November 5, 2021









A steady downpour.

A melody of water.

A glow of lightning.

A mellow thunder.


The waterfowl huddle.

The lake ripples.

The hawk is delayed.

The sun is still east.


You sit and contemplate.

You shelter from Nature.

You been here before.

You’ll be hereafter.