Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jim Klein (poet/painter/mentor)

Your toes curl in the blue-green tepid waters
of the South sea where Chevy Novas and super-novas
vie for attention in the abstract pastels of
water-colors dripped over palettes of pristine white.
Where painters and poets dwell
to bark at wheels and skies and surf.
You live and die in humorless verse of
hardened paint brushes and broken pencils
and twisted tubes of paste.
Whatever colors and thoughts
you put on canvas or paper,
opposite lobes compete with each other,
and you give a name to this thing:
this painting, this poem, this creation . . .



The light of the building
acts like a full moon,
as its lumens
reflect on the lake.

The lake shimmers
and sparkles in that glow,
like phosphorescent plankton
that gleam in the Gulf Stream.

A gentle shower
gives voice to the lake,
as the rain-drops
bounce on-and-off.

A gentle breeze
moves the lake as one,
where fish punctuate
the tableau by leaps.

The quiet of early morning
gives you pause,
for the day to begin,
and not begin.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Evelyn's Cafe

Travel Route One past Bogart’s Key Largo,
roads that wind, about and above,
the blue sea.
Scenic, single lane, at sea level, through
Islamorada and tall ships,
to Ducks Key.

Evelyn’s, where Southern hospitality,
and Sonoran hacienda
Cold drink to cool-off, no A.C., no matter,
atmospheric appetizer makes you

Eggs Benito, Grits and Jalapenos,
sate your hunger and adventure and
Café caliente and sweet Southern Comfort,
sharpen your senses about
this odyssey.

Via con dios and “see y’alls” all around,
back on road, focus on flora and fauna,
I drift by.
Dolphins, like a number 2 pencil sketch,
arc grey against green sea
and blue sky.

I arrive.


Thursday, October 1, 2015


I walk bastard West 10th Street
bypassing boys and bitches and
queens and queers.

Saint Christopher is my guide.

The revolution to begin.
The liberation at hand.

The “ins” yearning to be “Out.”
The “outs” yearning to be “In.”

Non-descript and uninviting,
I move on.

I walk gentrified West 10th Street,
past LGBT tourists,
gawking at site of Pride.

I am Out and walk in.

brazen and blazin’ neon:
STONEWALL as back-drop.
Girl poses for photo . . . by parents?

“If your friends see that photo,
they will think you are Gay.”

“I am.”