Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seder 2016-5776

I was invited to a Seder,
“at sundown, no later,”
by Cindy and Steve
on this Sabbath eve.

The bread will have no yeast,
cuisine ala mid-east.
To nosh on sweets and bitters
and no cloven critters.

I delight in dishes
memories of New York knishes.
I go into a spell over
a square of Kugel.

At the fading light
on this special night,
Hebrew and candles,
Old Testament swords and sandals.

Next year, they pray, “in Jerusalem.”
I think I will join them.
A dream from Torah,
thru a diaspora.

So, it came to pass
this traditional repast,
and me as a guest
to partake in their quest.

As a born Gentile
this night I will file.
As a gift of ages
writ in my life of pages.