Thursday, October 31, 2013


I know some Witches
and a cute Warlock.
The latter, in tight britches
the former, in flowing frocks.

Spirits work your magic,
cast your spell on me.
I want to be ecstatic
that is my wanton plea.

In my Orange and Black
I conjure up ghosts.
Easy at Easton with no lack,
of spirits who host.

Oh, apparition, as you drift-by,
be brief in your wisdom.
As prostrate I lie
and hear of your fiefdom.

A boiling cauldron of Witches-Brew
a bon-fire to warm the night.
Cuddling with my Warlock new,
at peace, holding tight.

©TPuma/Easton Mtn.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


So’s, I go into this ice cream joint
and order a vanilla (soft)
ice cream cone,
with chocolate sprinkles

The young lady
behind the counter
gives me the cone
with rainbow sprinkles.

So’s , there I am
walking down the streets
of Rutherford
for all to see,
with my rainbow sprinkled cone,
melting in the heat,
and I,
licking furiously,
to keep from being
splattered with sprinkles.

Neurotic as I am,
I suddenly have the urge
to swivel my hips and
tell all who see me:
“Yes, these rainbow sprinkles
was not a mistake.
They are a statement.”



The number “5” fire truck was there,
just as WCW had imagined.*

All fire-engine RED
as its “gong clangs”
and “siren howls” and
rumbles to a stop,
and lurches
like a marathon runner
after a race.

Chaotic scene of firemen
in BLACK and neon-YELLOW,
burdened with back-pack
as they run into the (burning?) building.

in apartment 309,
burnt her toast,


*William Carlos Williams, “The Great Figure.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Pittsburgh a shot and beer town/
morphed to wine and cheese.