Monday, January 14, 2013


Santa Claus, sanity clause
North Pole, myth told
Happy Holidays, culture rage
2 turtle doves, msg. from above
Winter Solstice, baby’s first Xmas
bah hum-bug, Auntie’s hug
a pine tree, Jacob Marley
fruit cake, cookies bake
Advent, good tidings sent
mistletoe, swaddling clothes

No room at the inn,
Jesus conceived sans sin.
JMJ, where they lay.

Pagan lore, eve of pescatore
twas’ the night before.

Mass @ midnight
mess of white light.

3 wise men
Caesar Roman.

star of east, hope to least
men of good will
in search of still.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


2013 is hard upon us
ushering in the adolescent
years of the 21st century,
having lived through the
senior years of the 20th
century and the birth
of the 21st., I wonder about
the angst, donder und blitzen
of my teenager as he/she goes
through centennial puberty.

Will she be haughty and snide
and pouting (?)
Will he be too smart all skinny
biceps ready to prove his
masculinity like his father 1913 (?)
or his grand-father 1813 (?)
inauspicious antecedents.

My annual off-spring
will you be the harbinger
of a post post-modern world
or will teenage-spite give us
7 lean years ?

Oh, all this poetic pondering
unless I am dead by 12/31/12
(I do not anticipate that)
I will relish all that is to pass
and maybe, in my old age wisdom,
to my teenager so advise,
“a word to the wise.”



If poetry be the bright
lights of Broadway,
my poems would be
the 25 watt incandescent
bulb in the outer lobby
of a theatre.