Thursday, November 25, 2021




Scent of a roasted Turkey/

Is that a Yam or Sweet Potato?

 The tart taste of Cranberry/

No Ketchup or Mayo.

 Making a wish on a bone/

Debating white or dark meat?

 This day in a sub-tropic zone/

Giving thanks for this treat.

 Pumpkin pie for dessert/

A dollop of whipped cream.

 Riesling for your thirst/

No, this is not a dream.

 Macy’s parade down Broadway/

Detroit Lions on T.V.

 In silence you pray/

Thanking your deity.

 For all that you share/

Be it meager or plenty.

 For all that you care/

With your friends and family.

 Happy Thanksgiving.



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