Tuesday, December 28, 2021



 T’was the day after Christmas

A gift of two Turtle Doves.

A holiday earworm

I prefer leather gloves.

 Tis’ Boxing Day in England

They have two holidays.

But, in America

We search for double AA’s.

 T’was the day after Christmas

My bar bereft of Cordials.

My mailbox bereft of cards

My accounts bereft of numerals.

 Red, green, and white garments

In rainbow laundry room.

A day of rest and unrest

Clearing wrapping paper strewn.

 For a Kwanza beginning

We light a black candle.

A day of Umoji

To brighten our mantel.

 T’was the day after Christmas

The Feast of Saint Stephen.

A Martyrs death he

Stoned by the heathen.

 We wait on a Holy Bris

On Octave Day of His birth.

A gift of eight Beatitudes

To quench a faithful thirst.

 T’was the day after Christmas

A time to remember.

A time for reflexion

This end of December.

 Another year in the life

Memories of Best and Least.

A personal Renaissance

We’ll celebrate a New Year’s feast.













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